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As a loved one grows older, it is not uncommon for families to face difficult decisions regarding long-term care and finances. One legal tool available to families with loved ones who are unable to care for themselves is a guardianship.

I am Cook County guardianship attorney Lela Davis. I provide personalized, compassionate representation to those seeking to be named as guardians over their loved ones.

What Is A Guardianship?

While many people may know that adults can be named as guardians over children who have not yet reached the age of 18, some may not realize that a similar mechanism exists under Illinois law for the creation of adult guardianships. The concept behind an adult guardianship is simple: If an adult is incapacitated and unable to make decisions about his or her daily care or finances, a court will appoint a person, usually a family member, to take care of these matters on his or her behalf.

In most cases, guardianships are plenary. That is, they allow the guardian the power to make decisions about both day-to-day care and financial matters. In some circumstances, a guardian may only have the power to make decisions about one of these sets of issues.

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