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While couples who have decided to file for divorce may have a variety of disagreements, none are more important than those involving decisions about their children. At the Law Office of Lela J. Davis in Cook County, Illinois, I work closely with my clients to ensure that their interests are represented when determinations are being made regarding child custody and visitation.

Experienced Lawyer For Child Custody Disputes

I am child custody attorney Lela Davis and I understand that there is nothing more important to my clients than their children. I strive to help them reach solutions in child custody and visitation matters that not only protect their parental rights, but also further the interests of their children.

In Illinois, courts decide questions of child custody and visitation by considering what is in the best interests of the children involved. In many cases, this means that one parent will be granted physical custody while the other has visitation rights. Nevertheless, courts will listen to concerns that one parent may not be fit for custody in some circumstances.

I work closely with my clients to develop an understanding of their individual circumstances and their goals when it comes to their children. Even in hotly contested cases, I have the experience to defend my clients' interests zealously.

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