Cook County Estate Planning Attorney

Developing an estate plan is something that many families and individuals put off until it is too late. Many people mistakenly believe that only those of substantial means need to worry about what will happen to their property after they pass away. I am estate planning attorney Lela Davis and I help clients throughout Cook County, Illinois settle on estate plans that meet their needs and goals for the future.

What Is An Estate Plan?

An estate plan is a set of documents that helps ensure that an individual's wishes are respected after he or she passes away. In many cases, an estate plan might consist of:

  • A will: The estate planning document that most people are familiar with, a will provides instructions regarding the distribution of a person's property and assets after his or her death.
  • A trust: A trust can help to save on estate taxes and can keep some assets out of the probate process.
  • A power of attorney: A document that identifies a person who can make decisions on an individual's behalf in the event that he or she is incapacitated
  • An advance health care directive: Sometimes known simply as an advance directive, this document provides instructions for health care providers regarding the use of certain procedures if a person is sick or injured and unable to communicate.

No matter a client's goals, I provide advice specifically designed to meet his or her needs. Depending on the situation, I also represent clients who need help going through the probate administration process.

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